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Donegal urged to join Big Energy Switch 18.02.14

DONEGAL householders are being urged to join the Big Energy Switch with the aim of unlocking group discounted offers in Ireland for the first time.
The campaign will run for four weeks, with the collective power of the One Big Switch consumer movement growing every time another person joins. So far 2000 consumers have signed up.
The organisers say the average Irish household is spending €450 extra annually on their energy bills compared to two years ago.
They say the "enormous leap" has occurred in a climate of wage stagnation and unemployment.
One Big Switch Ireland co-founder Oliver Tattan welcomed the huge community response on day one.
"This is a very strong message from the people of Ireland that they want to use the power of group switching to unlock discounted energy offers.
“For too long consumers have had to accept what was on the market, now is a real chance for consumers in Ireland to be price makers, not just price takers, that’s a big change, and real opportunity do something different to fight the rising cost of living.”
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