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Candidate Mary is happy to lose (weight that is!) 06.05.14

by Linda McGrory

A LOCAL election hopeful is no political lightweight despite losing nearly a stone in weight on the campaign trail.
First-time candidate Mary McCauley has been busy canvassing in Inishowen and says the pounds are just falling off. The mum-of-five has gone from a size 16 to 14 in just eight weeks.
“I’m walking miles every day and hours can pass between meals. My clothes are getting looser and looser on me," she laughed. The Fianna Fáil candidate has even lost weight since her election posters went up. “I hope people still recognise me!” she joked.
"Many people I call with offer me tea and something to eat but you just go out and burn it all off again in no time.
I even got pancakes on Pancake Tuesday but for once they didn't end up on the hips," she quipped.
The straight-talking candidate is no stranger to a hectic lifestyle.
As mother to five young teenagers including two sets of twins, every day is busy. She also helps auctioneer husband Leo run the family estate agency in Moville.
Hoping to take a seat on Donegal County Council, she says she loves the canvass but didn't expect the added bonus of weight-loss as well.
She also describes the before-and-after images of candidates who leave the house nicely spruced up in the morning only to arrive back bedraggled at night.
"At the end of the day you can look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards.”
Her patch along the Foyle in east Inishowen is largely rural which sees her dashing up and down small country roads to reach the all-important doorsteps.
FF local election candidate Mary McCauley who has dropped a dress size so far on the Inishowen campaign trail.
"I must be hopping in and out of the car a hundred times a day and there's a lot of walking between the houses. I wish I had thought of a pedometer out of curiosity to see how many miles I clocked up during the campaign."
Meanwhile, despite the odd negative encounter in the run-up to the May 23 poll, Mary shows no sign of losing her appetite for politics any time soon: “It’s a challenge and a privilege,” she said.

Day in the life of a first-time candidate and busy mum:
Risin’ Time 7am: Shower and make-up
7.30am: Get kids’ breakfasts and lunches
8.30am: The school run
9:00am: Do the dishes followed by a bowl of porridge
10am onwards: Canvassing
12.30pm- 3pm: Whatever I can grab for lunch
5pm-6pm: Dinner followed by more canvassing
11pm: Collapse exhausted into bed…and do it all over again next day.
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